Why Choose AutoM8-IT?


We like seeing small business succeed. Our 20+ years of experience finessing all things IT and not less than a few humans, into fits of wonderment and/or productivity have yielded great happiness. It’s a people-person job mostly – which is what makes it great. Technology is a tool, much like a Panini press or a turn signal – things can be done without it for sure, but actually using it the best way can make for some sheer awesomeness. Helping someone accomplish 8 hours’ worth of work in 2 hours, with the best use of the technology they have is good for smiles all around. Plus, that way, there’s plenty of time for the beach, kayaking, and fishing.


From a gnarly goat-centric virus on your home computer, to building Sharepoint libraries for secure document collaboration, AutoM8-IT knows how to achieve your IT solution. Plus, we’re fluent in both Geekspeak and English. So if you’re tablet is making you testy, your laptop is driving you to a lobotomy, or your network is nefariously nettlesome – get your solutions right here. Of course, anyone inquiring about macros in Excel should be prepared to ply us with Martinis.


Lastly, don’t let technology rule you – be sure to implement a day a week of no technology. That’s right – an IT company who believes the essence of sunrises and frosty cold Tecates cannot be Google’d or Imgur’d. Turn that phone off and enjoy Life!